Psyllie: Ksana-Kai Volume II

Out of my three books, Psyllie, is the only lead character that is not inspired from an actual person. I wanted her to be like Ksana-Kai, a double ganger, yet have her own unique deep and complicated personality. Psyllie is like water, care free, mysterious, cocky, transient; at times peaceful as a lake; and at times, destructive as a tsunami. Psyllie comes into KsanaKai's life innocently through recurring dreams and then manifests herself as a real life presence. She is a genuine problem for Ksana-Kai, and she threatens to destroy Kai's relationship with her husband, family, and friends. KsanaKai is unable to put Psyllie back into her dreams and so she is faced with hard decisions on how to rid herself of this menace she has created. In this second volume, I explored a variety of poetry types and forms, outside of free verse, blank verse, and sonnets. You can find many of the poems I experimented with at this website, Young Writers. Below are three selected poems from the book, Psyllie: Ksana-Kai Volume II.

Papo's Notes:


I believe poetry is in the eyes of the interpreter. The poet had a visual intent and meaning of an event he wanted to share; however, the enigmatic incination of poetry lends itself to interpretation. So in my "cliffnotes" here I am sharing my intent, despite the fact that my poems may be interpreted differently depending upon the reader. Ksana-Kai is a story told in poems after all and so some things have to be concrete. For example, the character died or the character didn't die. Concrete events determine the plot and the story develops characters and situations, builds to a climax, there is resolution, and an ending. My "cliffnotes" will be short. I'm attempting to give you the concrete intent of each poem and maybe additional details, such as who is speaking.. Enjoy the art of the riddle and try to figure out the poems for yourself before you read the "spoilers." This website is a work in progress, please check back for updates.


Psyllie~ Ksana-Kai volume II

Episode 1:



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